Petra Jordan is an up and coming tour and is becoming very popular for tourists visiting Sharm el Sheikh and Egypt. It is a little more costly then our other excursions but it is certainly in reach of those guest that want to do a trip with a difference. This trip can be completed by Air, Boat or Bus (see related products below for descriptions).

Petra is one of the most unusual places in the world and is on of Jordan's most sought after destinations. Petra has once been described as a city "Lost to the world for over a thousand years." The tour will take you to The Canyon of Petra, The Treasure Palace, The Roman Theatre and the Temples and Treasures of the Citadel. The rocks and the gorges are truly amazing and this is unlike any other trip we can offer you. More in depth detail of this trip can be provided (live support or email, as details are subject to change). Lunch and all Fees are included. Departure is very early in the morning. Trips operate most days by boat and by advance booking for Air.

PASSPORT and VISA needed for border clearance into Jordan and back to Egypt (Visa's can be obtained at the customs authority either at Sea Port or Airport and our friendly staff can help obtain the visa for you in most cases)


Trip Includes:

  • Collection to and from your hotel
  • Transportation and Customs fees
  • Transportation by Air to Jordan
  • Transportation by Bus to Petra
  • Friendly, multilingual and knowledgeable Tour Guide
  • Lunch and Soft Drinks

What to bring:

  • Small Backpack with essentials
  • Any needed medications (this is a long trip)
  • Camera