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Abu Galum is a great day in a jeep safari to see the most picturesque area of Abu Galum with a great opportunity to see the blue hole. The blue hole is one of the most beautiful dive and snorkeling sites in the red sea. You will take a camel ride along the mountains, passing the valleys and the springs along the way. Later you and the family can take a dip in the blue hole, with expert guides by your side. Guests must take there own snorkeling equipment, but wet suits and life jackets can be rented on site.Your trip includes lunch, which is normally taken with the Bedouins. Finally on your return home you make a stop at the unspoilt town of Dahab, before you are finally returned to your hotel. Its an all day excursion and a great day out.


Ghost Sharm Tours

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my name is Ahmed El Sheikh and I am the owner of GHOST SHARM TOURS. I arrived in Sharm el Sheikh in 1998 and began work in the excursion industry , I specialized at this time in all water sports including snorkeling and diving , gaining all knowledge of the Red Sea. Through my hard work , knowledge of South Sinai and excellent customer service I was offered work as a Tour Guide for desert camping . The camping proved very popular and I often had guest for up to five nights , they also had the option of diving, snorkeling, camel or horse riding , quads , ETC … I am proud to say that in 2002 I was awarded BEST TOUR Guide through out Sharm el Sheikh. Eventually in 2004 I opened my own company GHOST SHARM TOURS and through making many tourist friends over the years, my Company quickly expanded through recommendation. Branches of ghost sharm tours Expanded into Hotels such as Laguna vista, Radisson Sas, and The Hilton’s to mention just a few. Many tour Company’s throughout the world use Ghost sharm tours as their tour operator in Egypt. My team is experienced and professional men and women who are all qualified in their field of work, including transportation and hotel transfers. Our dive center and beach for water sports is based close by to our head office in Namaa bay . GHOST SHARM TOURS HOLDS FULLY COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE and its your guide to sinai


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SAVOY Sharm Group (SAVOY, Royal SAVOY, SIERRA hotels & SOHO Square) has unleashed its best kept secret, nestled between Savoy and Sierra hotels. SOHO Square is the Middle East's latest shopping and entertainment center and the largest in the red sea region. At night SOHO Square becomes fantastic, a hub for entertainment, shopping, clubbing, dining and sport activities. Soho square isn't just a promenade lined with shops, it has numerous pieces of public art, Dancing Fountain, Shisha Island, fabulous statues, fountain bar, international restaurants, public stage and kids arcade, all works for a great environment to enjoy with friends or family. FREE entertainment at soha square Tuesday 15-1-2013 (Soho Stage) Fountain Show 18:45-19:00 Soft Music 19:00-19:45 Fountain Show 19:45-20:00 Soft Music 20:00-20:45 Fountain Show 20:45-21:00 Soft Music 21:00-21:45 Fountain Show 21:45-22:00 Soft Music 22:00-22:45 Fountain Show 22:45-23:00 Soho Square wishes you a happy day :-)



The award-winning entertainment centre of Sharm El Sheikh is situated in the heart of the Savoy Resort on White Knight Beach and is a magnet for all visitors to Sharm to come and enjoy not only our stylish restaurants, bars and cafés with live entertainers and singers, but also the tennis, squash, ice skating, bowling and much, much more.

Designed for experience with the ability to cater for all age groups, SOHO SQUARE is a vibrant venue which has become the beacon of excellence within the town and the community, serving the need for a true gourmet experience in Sharm El Sheikh.



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A visit to the one of the oldest monasteries in the world.The monastery is at the foot of Mount S, and can be taken as solely St. Catherines or with a combined trip of Mount Sinai. Here you will see the Burning Bush, and this is the site that is embellished in century's of history. You will visit the Church of St. Catherines, with its many artworks and mosaics. In the library of the monastery there are many many manuscripts and scrolls.Even if you are not here for the religious history of Egypt, you will never experience this in any other part of the world. Many tourists take photographs of the site of the burning bush,and the day is filled with centuries of history. Lunch is taken in a restaurant in the area. Mid afternoon you leave St. Catherines and return to your hotel via Dahab, and do a spot of shopping. Any guests booking this trip will be given more in depth details of the monastery in advance should they wishDeparture time is around 7am, and return mid afternoon.

Trip operates Saturdays, Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

( Passport needed )




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with each step you take, you will reveal the secrets of the untouched evidence of civilization,beauty and art all under one crown.

the exquisiteness pharaonic and Bedouin live music performance demonstrates the precious legend about the history of the old eras along with the mind blowing architecture that reflects the philosophical immortality of the ancient egyptions,

a breath taking scene of the marvelous castle with its unique royal gates, domes & towers, all where beautiful gardens with waterfalls, fountains, bridges

you will be served sumptuous dishes as royal kings of the old eras, a life time dining experience at the imperial dining rooms you will never forget