SAVOY Sharm Group (SAVOY, Royal SAVOY, SIERRA hotels & SOHO Square) has unleashed its best kept secret, nestled between Savoy and Sierra hotels. SOHO Square is the Middle East's latest shopping and entertainment center and the largest in the red sea region. At night SOHO Square becomes fantastic, a hub for entertainment, shopping, clubbing, dining and sport activities. Soho square isn't just a promenade lined with shops, it has numerous pieces of public art, Dancing Fountain, Shisha Island, fabulous statues, fountain bar, international restaurants, public stage and kids arcade, all works for a great environment to enjoy with friends or family. FREE entertainment at soha square Tuesday 15-1-2013 (Soho Stage) Fountain Show 18:45-19:00 Soft Music 19:00-19:45 Fountain Show 19:45-20:00 Soft Music 20:00-20:45 Fountain Show 20:45-21:00 Soft Music 21:00-21:45 Fountain Show 21:45-22:00 Soft Music 22:00-22:45 Fountain Show 22:45-23:00 Soho Square wishes you a happy day :-)



The award-winning entertainment centre of Sharm El Sheikh is situated in the heart of the Savoy Resort on White Knight Beach and is a magnet for all visitors to Sharm to come and enjoy not only our stylish restaurants, bars and cafés with live entertainers and singers, but also the tennis, squash, ice skating, bowling and much, much more.

Designed for experience with the ability to cater for all age groups, SOHO SQUARE is a vibrant venue which has become the beacon of excellence within the town and the community, serving the need for a true gourmet experience in Sharm El Sheikh.