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Ghibli Raceway, pioneering provider of international motor sport to the Middle East, takes its name from a North African wind originating from the Atlas Mountains. This wind parallels in force to the intense power and extreme speed found at Sharm El Sheikh's premier karting facility. Located amongst some of the Red Sea's most exclusive hotels and resorts, Ghibli Raceway's “Formula to Strive” inspires a diverse demographic to come and experience an adrenaline packed driving experience.
Formula for driver development – LIVE THE F1 EXPERIENCE
Ghibli Raceway has gained the confidence of the leading specialist manufacturers of Karting equipment from the racing world with an eye for the future of the sport. In May, 2002 Ghibli Raceway signed an agreement with Rotax-Bombardier of Austria the leading engine manufacturer for professional karting as the sole Authorised Distributor for Karting products in Egypt. In June, 2003 an agreement was reached with the leading professional racing chassis manufacturer, CRG of Italy.

Since 1983 BOMBARDIER-ROTAX have been developing and anufacturing high performance engines solely for kart racing applications. Consistent innovation and continuous evolution and developments of its products has made Rotax a regular World and European championship winner in the various racing classes of the CIK. 

In 1997, Rotax introduced a new family of engines for a new market segment, that of sport recreational karting. This was effectively a cross between high performance racing engines, which by nature were high maintenance and leisure kart engines which were more user friendly, creating the FR 125 MAX family of engines which had amongst it’s features high performance, new levels of reliability, reduced noise and exhaust gas emissions.

In 2002 Rotax launched a new and patented engine concept, the “Direct Drive” for karts along with a contemporarily developed innovative kart, the RM1, in one comprehensively designed package a new milestone in the contemporary history of karting was set.

Our Sharm facility has five principal challenging circuits and a stable of karts to suit drivers with different capabilities.
Cadet 5.5hp  (for children)
Regular 6.5hp  
 Expert  9hp  
Professional Competition  20hp (Junior configuration)
Professional Competition  28.5hp (Senior configuration)
 Professional Gearbox 32hp  
Karting is attractive to leisure seekers and motor sport enthusiasts not only for its relatively low cost, but because of the sheer excitement of pushing one’s adrenaline to the new levels. Ghibli also provides the opportunity for the professional drivers interested in owning a kart with storage and in having professional training or practice sessions.


Safety of the highest standards

The highest priority at Ghibli Raceway is driver safety. Ghibli has an impeccable safety record observing UK Motor Sports Association (MSA) standards firmly at all times. All the drivers are to receive a driver and kart briefing, driving overalls, gloves, a balaclava and helmet. In the unlikely case of an emergency our Track Marshals trained in the 1st aid assistance are located at the track.  During all races and events, a Race Controller is located in the central Control Tower overlooking the track and monitors controlling the progress of the entire operation inclusive of timing equipment and electronic marshals. As the last resort stray or wayward, drivers who are not following Ghibli’s obligatory safety standards and therefore represent potential danger to themselves and other participating drivers can have power cut off from their kart remotely. For safety reasons, children are sectioned off from the adult racers in their own individual Cadet track that can and is run independently from the regular Arrive & Drive and National tracks. Birthdays and special events can be organised to cater for their own particular requirements.


Complete Your Sharm Experience

For those with a need for speed and are seeking the ultimate thrill Ghibli Raceway is located in the heart of Sharm El Sheikh and is open to challenge 7 days a week. We can arrange for you “Arrive & Drive” training sessions, an exclusive championship/competition can be organised for large groups or you can join one of Ghibli's regular sponsored tournaments & championships. We are open 14 hours per day from 11pm till 1am.

With its innovative recipe for sleek modernity and adrenaline stimulation in a unique setting, Ghibli Raceway has cultivated a highly successful formula for driver development and motor sport entertainment. Ghibli Raceway’s “Formula to Strive” looks forward to welcoming you and your party at our facility for an adrenaline-pumped drive! 

Driving the new generation karts in wholly renewed Ghibli Raceway Sharm facility will be an unforgettable experience for all. Complete Your Sharm Experience with Ghibli Raceway!

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